Do  you like patterns of medieval decorative floors?

For example the one in St-Denis on the northern edge of Paris where most of the kings and queens of France have found their last rest?

Historicizing tiles in the Chapelle des Bourbons, Basilique Saint-Denis, with motifs of diagonally divided squares

Would you like to play with patterns made up of diagonally divided squares? Would you be inspired by the medieval decorative floors?

From: Kier, H. (1970): Der mittelalterliche Schmuckboden. Rheinland Verlag, Düsseldorf, Fig. 359 St. Mary Chappell St-Denis

How to design one of those -  for example, the one shown at the bottom of the picture?
With cardandcube #2 or cardandcube #3 you could start using the 8x8 layout:

A preliminary model of the design in the middle of the bottom part of the medieval decorative floor

Make a screen-shot and treat the picture like the mosaic artists in St. Mary Chappell 600 might have done years ago using pencil and a sheet of paper. Within an app you can turn the image by 45° and trim its corners. Eventually, you may find this elegant cut:

and finally turn it to its beauty like this:  

Looking at the result one can be seduced into seeing elements of square pyramids in space.